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The Entwistle Family History Association was founded in 1999 in Lancashire, England, to bring together Entwistles and descendants of Entwistles who wanted to find out more about their family roots. Many of our world-wide members are not surnamed Entwistle but somewhere back in their family tree the name appears in one of its several spellings.


We would like to welcome you to our website. Feel free to browse at will, using any of the information to enhance your family knowledge. To get the best out of the EFHA, though, you really need to become a member at a very modest annual price and read more about your ancestry in our magazine, “Twissle Times” which members receive 4 times each year.


Whether you decide to join or not, enjoy your visit! If you have any suggestions for improvements or wish to comment on what you find – especially if you spot any errors – please contact us.


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  • What does the EFHA do?    More here!
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  • Are there any famous or important Entwistles?    More here!
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  • Ralph Entwistle and the Ribbon Gang in 19th century Australia!
  • The Acting Entwistles
  • Entwistles in the Isle of Wight
  • John Entwistle, Innkeeper of Bolton
  • The “Rothsay Castle” Shipwreck
  • The Newtown shooting Affair
  • Edward Entwistle of Des Moines, “Rocket” Driver
  • Entwistles in the American Civil War
  • Founding Entwistle, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • William E Entwistle in China
  • Entwistles and the Cotton Industry
  • Entwistle emigrants to USA
  • Entwistle wills from Yorkshire

News & Feedback

Latest Twissle Times
Latest Twissle Times
Latest Twissle Times

The “Lost Entwistle Millions”; Zeppelins hit Bolton; AGM report from Hall i’ th’ Wood; organ donor appeal ...

The Great War
The Great War
The Great War

The diary kept by Lt Charles Brockbank mentions a Christmas Day football match taking place in 1914 using a makeshift ball. The ...

Anniversary 1 – Battle of Waterloo 1815
Anniversary 1 – Battle of Waterloo 1815
Anniversary 1 – Battle of Waterloo 1815

Napoleon meets his Waterloo! Peace after 22 years of war. Were any of your Entwistle ancestors involved in the Napoleonic Wars? If ...

Anniversary 2 – Battle of Agincourt, 1415
Anniversary 2 – Battle of Agincourt, 1415
Anniversary 2 – Battle of Agincourt, 1415

 King Henry V who knighted Sir Bertine Entwistle at Agincourt.


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