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What can the EFHA do for you?

Members can:

  • Get free help with research from our experts, very useful for members who don’t live in the UK,
  • Access the Members Only section with its extensive resources including our expanding databases,
  • Receive Twissle Times each quarter by email or post (in UK only) with,
    • family history stories,
    • Entwistle family information,
    • news of other EFHA Members,
    • history,
    • requests for help,
    • offers of help,
    • unwanted certificates,
    • useful links,
    • and lots more!
    • You can check out our sample Twissle Times now!
  • Learn who other members are searching for and get details of their ancestry and of the records they hold – they may overlap with your family tree!
  • Meet other members of the Entwistle Family from the UK and across the world at our AGM, held every autumn in Lancashire,
  • Download an e-book copy of  The Entwisle Family, written in 1924 by local historian Banister Grimshaw, a life-long resident of Entwistle, Lancashire – originals now change hands in the UK at around £50 – where Entwistles are traced back to Norman times,
  • Download past copies of Twissle Times, right back to the first edition in 1999.


How to Join the EFHA

Choose the most convenient way to pay your subscription from the following three methods:

  1. £7.50 or, for UK members only, Twissle Times by post, £11.50, by sterling cheque to Jean, our Membership Secretary
  2. £8.50 online using your credit card at GENfair – our preferred method. GENfair charge us for the secure service they provide,
  3. $12.95 US or its equivalent using your credit card at PayPal.

Members joining after 1st June will have their annual subscriptions extended until October in the following year.

Whichever method you use, you need to email our Membership Secretary to say you have paid and she will make sure that you receive the next copy of Twissle Times and the Membership Pack. Please include details of your link to the Entwistles and tell her how far your researches have gone and if you have come across any problems the EFHA could help you with.


to pay by cheque – email our Membership Secretary – Jean Machin of Dumfries, Scotland and she will tell you where you should send your cheque


Entwistle Family History Association Subscriptions – £8.50 (or equivalent exchange rate)

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We are mindful of security and confidentiality. We keep all members’ details totally secure and fully meet the requirements of the UK Data Protection Act 1998. We will not sell or pass on members’ details or e-mail addresses to any other organisations – that’s a promise!

As an EFHA Member you can:

  • Join the ever increasing ranks of Entwistles (with various spellings!) and their relatives and friends throughout the world who are engaged in the noble pursuit of discovering their ancestry and their “roots”,
  • Leave something of real and unique value to your children – a documented account of your family line,
  • Leave valuable information for future generations – information which may otherwise never come to light,
  • Discover links with and the roots of many families from all parts of the world though our membership contacts, something which would become very expensive if professional researchers were used.