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Illustrations taken from The Entwis(t)le Family by Bannister Grimshaw (1924)




The Entwis(t)le coat of arms: Argent, on a bend engrailed sable three mullets argent.

A silver/white shield with a black diagonal "sash" with scalloped edges, on which there are three silver/white five-pointed stars.





Barruly of sixteen gules and argent, overall a lion rampant sable. A shield composed of sixteen narrow bars alternating in red and white with a black rampant lion superimposed.





Sir Bertine Entwisle's crest and motto: A hand with the forefinger pointing proper grasping a fleur-de-lis or. "Par ce signe a'Agincourt"

A hand with the forefinger pointing, in its natural colour, grasping a gold fleur-de-lis. "By this sign at Agincourt"


These heraldic captions have been provided by Peter Stanford who has some considerable expertise in this field. Peter is of the view that the red & white shield labelled Sir John Antwysel 1067 is not actually related to the Entwistles. 

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