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Has anyone got information about "Entwistles of Repute" ?   

This section is intended to record details of Entwistles throughout the world who have "made it" to positions of prominence or have become famous for some reason. 

For instance, we know about Sir Bertine and his exploits of 1415 & 1455, but what about the others? Do you have any information which we can include here? If so contact the webmaster

Other Entwistles we know about but would like more details:

Edward Entwistle drove Robert Stephenson's "Rocket" on the first passenger railway run in the world from Liverpool to Manchester - anyone got more information?

Entwistles have been captains of various ships - USS Yorktown was one I think?

There have been Entwistle MPs & Bishops

An Entwistle managed the Marconi Radio Station in Cornwall which sent the first trans-Atlantic Morse Message.

An Entwistle founded a town in Canada - we do have details of this covered in Twissle Times (Sept 01)   

Stuart Entwistle - "Twizell" the World Longboard Champion 1987

Any others? Send us details!

Entwistle, Rear Admiral James - (1837 - 1910), U.S. Navy, Hero of the Battle of Manila Bay,
Philippines, during the Spanish American War.  ( (Grave)
The late John Entwistle (The WHO) Dedication Page  - Famous Bass Guitarist with the WHO!
Vick Entwistle - Coronation Street Actress
Peg Entwistle - Would-be Hollywood Actress 
Julie Entwistle - whose movie debut made a good impression as a rookie reporter in the 1998 film "The Night Flier". Based on a Stephen King novel, the film received good reviews and a sequel is to be released in 2005 with Julie continuing in the role. Born in Southport, Connecticut, USA, looks like Julie is one to watch in future!
Hugh Robert Entwistle (see also articles) - On the Trafalgar Roll (compiled from awards lists): Hugh Entwistle, Able Seaman Ship: Bellerphon, 74 guns, Capt. John Cooke with 27 crew killed at Trafalgar; 123 injured. The Bellerophon fought at the Battles of the Nile and Trafalgar and was responsible for carrying Napoleon Bonaparte part way to exile in St Helena. In fact she brought Napoleon back to England where he was transferred to HMS Northumberland for the journey to the South Atlantic. Billy Ruffian, is a biography of the Bellerophon. Hugh Robert Entwistle was from Leeds, Yorkshire. see also: 

Robert Entwistle, Private R.M., from Turton, Lancashire

There is a very good possibility that Hugh Entwistle is the same Hugh listed on the Foxholes branch Pedigree in Baines' Lancashire.

If you can show that you are a descendent of one of these Entwistles, you can obtain a Sons & Daughters of Trafalgar Certificate  from the "Age of Nelson" website.

Ralf Entwistle - Australian Bush Ranger. In 1830, armed settlers, mounted police and an army regiment fought it out with the Ribbon Gang near the Abercrombie Caves. Ralph Entwistle, a convict servant, led a rebellion of convicts at Bathurst. The gang became known as "The Ribbon Gang" because many of the gang were said to have worn white ribbons in their hats. The gang terrorised the Bathurst district for some months, until finally Entwistle and two others shot and killed the Magistrate's property overseer. The gang headed south, away from Bathurst into unknown territory, finally stumbling on the caves, where they hid for a week. Convict leg irons found in Bushranger's Cave are evidence of their stay. A group of armed volunteers led by William Suttor tracked down the convicts and flushed them out of the Caves. A gun battle took place at Bushrangers Hill (3km west of the Caves). Ten captured members of the gang (which included Entwistle) were hanged on 2nd November 1830 in what is now known as "Ribbon Gang Lane" in Bathurst
James Greenwood Entwistle - Had the Township, Entwistle Alberta named after him in 1909. For an in-depth article on James and his family see the September 2001 edition of Twissle Times.
George Entwistle - Editor of the BBC 2 programme Newsnight
Pioneer Firemen of Farnworth - Alfred and Joseph Entwistle - A Story of Service and Bravery
There is a rumour that an Entwistle was present at Custer's last stand - anyone got any information?

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