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19th C – Rapid Change

Hugh Robert Entwistle and the “Bellerophon”

The “Bellerophon” played an important role in the Napoleonic Wars. Hugh Entwistle rose from being a young gentleman sailor at Trafalgar to a Commander by the time he retired over 30 years later.

Edward Entwistle, “Rocket” Driver

One of the greatest moments in transport history and an Entwistle was there! He drove the train on the day of the opening of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, the first passenger railway in the world.

Australia – The Ribbon Gang

An Entwistle bushranger in New South Wales.

Family Tragedy in Victorian Darwen

Disease and deprivation in Victorian England.

The Loyd, Entwisle Bank

Manchester played an important part in the Industrial Revolution, not only through her cotton mills but also in her contribution to trade and commerce. The Loyd, Entwisle Bank was one of the institutions that facilitated this.