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Whether the origin of the Entwistle or Entwisle name (and many other various spellings) is of Old English (Saxon, Norse or Danish) origin or of Norman will perhaps never be known for certain.

However, strong evidence points to an Old English origin of the "twisle" part of the name and indeed the "En" or "Hen" part as well.

The former "twisle" or "twisla" is perhaps associated with the land formation at Entwistle which is the Old English name for the piece of land between the fork of two rivers, a prominent feature of both Entwistle and Extwistle.

The latter is probably derived from the Water Hens which frequent the area of Entwistle to this day, the "H" sound often being dropped in Lancashire dialect into modern times.

Spellings were often quite insignificant in ancient and even in more recent times. Individuals have been shown to have used several  different spellings for there own name.

Names and words were often spelled phonetically. As people travelled around the phonetic sounds would be interpreted in different ways.



Antwistle Entiswell Entwhistle Entwisle Entwisley
Entwisel / Entwistel
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