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You can join and subscribe your annual membership fee to the Entwistle Family History Association (EFHA) using the secure on-line International GENfair (our preferred method), PayPal or by Sterling Cheque - contact Membership Secretary

When you subscribe using these secure systems a payment will be charged to your credit card as a one-off payment. We encourage all overseas members to use either one of these payment systems or Sterling cheques, but preferably GENfair.

You will be asked to use GENfair (our preferred method) or PayPal again at the subscription renewals time (1st October) to renew your subscription. Members joining after 1st June in any financial year will have their annual subscription extended until the end of the following financial year.

We are mindful of the security and confidentiality requirements regarding individual members' personal details.  We keep all members' details totally secure and fully meet the requirements of the UK Data Protection Act 1998. We will not sell or pass on members' details or e-mail addresses to any other organisations - that's a promise!

New Joining Members - be sure to send us your full name, contact details and research interests where appropriate - see Membership for the application form - so that we can send you our comprehensive EFHA membership joining pack and your 1st copy of Twissle Times. 

Subscription Rates 2012-2013:
UK or International with Twissle Times sent by e-mail 7.50
All paying by GENfair with Twissle Times sent by e-mail 8.50 (or equivalent exchange rate)
UK requiring Twissle Times by post 11.50
Members can pay their subscriptions by credit card through GENfair [GENfair is brought to you by S&N British Data Archive Ltd on behalf of the Federation of Family History Societies, West Wing, Manor Farm, Chilmark, Salisbury SP3 5AF, United Kingdom. VAT Registration No. 780 7049 17]              

Entwistle Family History Association Subscriptions - 8.50 (or equivalent exchange rate)

PayPal - Click on this secure link if you would like to subscribe to the EFHA by PayPal or credit card now - $(US)12.95
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When you join, so that we have your full details, please go to the Membership section and follow the instructions for cutting and pasting the membership application form. E-mail the completed form to  Membership Secretary - Contact US

Benefits of EFHA Membership include:

  • For a small sum each year you can join the ever increasing ranks of Entwistles (and the various derivative spellings) and their relatives and friends throughout the world who are engaged in the noble pursuit of discovering their ancestry and their "roots".

  • Leave something of real and unique value to your children - a documented account of your family line and contribute to this good cause.

  • The research done and the efforts made by many EFHA members will leave us valuable information for future generations - information which may otherwise never come to light.

  • Access to the on-line data base with census information and members interests. This will increasingly become an invaluable resource for anyone researching the Entwistle name.

  • A quarterly newsletter "Twissle Times" containing interesting anecdotes and information about the family, its members and its history, requests for help and offers of help, unwanted certificates etc. Check out our sample Twissle Times

  • A list of members interests showing in which countries, counties and towns other members are researching. Brief details of each member's ancestry and records held by them are also included. This latter has enabled several members to make links with others researching the same branch of the family.

  • Gives members access to our extensive data base and growing central Entwistle Family record system using several volumes of printed material, data bases and CD based records.

  • A full downloadable e-book copy "The Entwisle Family", written in 1924 by local historian Banister Grimshaw who was a life-long resident of Entwistle, Lancashire. The originals now change hands at around 50 UK. The book traces links from the family going back to Norman times.

  • An on-line archive of all copies of the Twissle Times since publication began in 1999.

  • We can provide help with research particularly to those members who are not resident in the UK. 

  • We have discovered links and the roots of many families from all parts of the world though our membership contacts, something which would become very expensive indeed if professional researchers were used.

  • Several Entwistles have visited their "roots" Entwistle, Lancashire, UK  from all parts of the world as a result of information on the site and through the EFHA.

  • Opportunities to meet other Entwistle Family researchers and family members from all parts of the UK and World-wide. The EFHA organises their AGM every October in Lancashire.


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