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We rely on you to tell us of any books you would like reviewing or, review them for the EFHA!

The Entwisle Family

Bannister Grimshaw, a life-long resident of the Entwistle area, wrote the defining history of the Entwisle family. His book is based on research that took him many, many years. If you are an EFHA member you can, of course, download a copy of the book for yourself. Peter Stanford’s review will give a flavour of what to expect from the book itself and maybe tempt you to become an EFHA member!

Darwen and its People

Shaw’s book makes many mentions of the Entwistle family because Darwen is just across the moor from Entwistle and there were many farms and quarries between the two places. Transport links were fairly good in the 19th century and the smallness of the area meant that people seem to have moved back and forth, although mostly towards Darwen, where there was a better chance of employment in the mills. Shaw also deals with the time before Darwen developed into an industrial hub, often through the personal memoirs of long-lived local residents. A good read!

Turton Through the Ages

Turton is south-west of Entwistle and the development of Turton went hand-in-glove with changes in Entwistle. The book deals mainly with Turton but includes many interesting pictures of the Entwistle area. This book is available on free loan to members of the EFHA.

Enclosure of Edgworth Moor

Another near neighbour to Entwistle, Edgworth and its residents came into conflict with the people of Entwistle over the apportionment of the planned moor enclosure. A short book from the same Society as Turton Through the Ages.

Know any good Entwistle related books? They could even be novels if they give some insight into our ancestors. Contact us!