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Bannister Grimshaw (1924) The Entwisle Family, The Accrington Gazette
The story behind the book 

As Peter Stanford says in his review of the book (originally published in Twisstle Times, summer 2000) the family's history could hardly have been bettered by any fictional work: "It has everything - a hero, the gallant Sir Bertine Entwisle; a black sheep, the weak willed George Entwisle; and a villain, the odious Thurston Tyldesley..."

It is the present generation's good fortune that Grimshaw saw fit to publish his notes and records on this otherwise little known subject, as he says himself, " the hope of creating an interest in a very ancient and notable Lancashire family."  

However, the book is now quite rare and it is unlikely that most Entwistles will be able to obtain a copy. With the miracle of the Internet, something Grimshaw could hardly have imagined back in 1924, we are now able to share his words and pictures, his book and his interests, with Entwistles and their relatives, world-wide.

The Grimshaw book was published in 1924 by the then Accrington Gazette Company Limited, 88 Abbey Street Accrington, Lancashire. The paper merged with the East Lancashire Sentinel and continued in existence as a free paper until just prior to WW2.

The book was compiled by Bannister Grimshaw, an amateur historian and a resident of Entwistle, from a collection of notes and jottings made through his interest in the area and the family. 

Much of the information was gathered together by some Entwistle claimants and Bannister Grimshaw in a vain attempt to re-gain control of the The Entwistle family estate which had been lost to the family over 400 years earlier. 

The Entwistle Estate had been considerable, with land and property also in Edgworth, Turton, Radcliffe, Bolton, Withington, Chorlton, Ardwick, Ancoats, Rusholme, and Manchester. 

The claim was not pursued in the end - read the book and Peter Stanford's review to find out why!

We intend to publish the book here in its entirety, for the benefit of all Entwistles and historical researchers around the world. This may take a little time to complete. 

The book is not divided into convenient chapters so here we have split the book up into manageable sections with page numbers given. The book is illustrated throughout, and copies of the images will be provided here.

To the best of our knowledge and belief this publication is now (due to lapse of time) copyright free. Further, we publish here not for financial gain but for the benefit of Entwistles and researchers everywhere. Should anyone dispute this please contact us. 

Bannister Grimshaw (1924) The Entwis(t)le Family - Accrington Gazette

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