Entwistle Family History Association

Registered charity number 1196079

Entwistle New Hall

Welcome to the EFHA!

The Entwistle Family History Association was founded in a small town in Lancashire, England in 1999 to bring together people interested in researching family history with particular emphasis on Entwistles worldwide. The EFHA became a charity in October 2021.

We offer resources and assistance to help you with your family history and possibly increase your understanding and knowledge of genealogy, whether or not the name Entwistle appears in your family tree.

The resources on our website are free. We hope they can help you find out more about your family’s history as well as how to make your own research more successful. You will find many of them useful in studying local history or the lives of people in the past. Enjoy browsing our pages and, come back often!

What’s on the EFHA website?

  • What does the EFHA do?    More here!
  • Where do Entwistles come from?    More here!
  • What heraldic devices belong to Entwistles?    More here!
  • Are there any famous or important Entwistles?    More here!
  • Where can I search online for my family?    More here!
  • Are there any useful Entwistle books?    More here!
  • How do I contact the EFHA?    More here!

Becoming an EFHA Member

You may decide you would like to join our organisation at a very modest annual fee, and access additional resources as well as communicating with people with similar interests to your own. For more details, click Join the EFHA? But, whether you join us or not, Happy Browsing!

Footbridge at the west end of Entwistle Reservoir by John Darch