‘Twissle Times’ articles


Each of the articles below has appeared in ‘Twissle Times’ in the last few years. ‘Twissle Times’ is the quarterly publication sent to all EFHA members by email.

These articles have been chosen because of the help they offer in researching our ancestors or because they are events which in some way help illustrate the background to the time when our ancestors lived.

The first link seems relevant to 2020-21 – an earlier pandemic!

December 2018 – “…and in Flew Enza” –

A description of the two DNA articles can be found in DNA

December 2018 – Can DNA tests help you?

December 2019 – DNA testing for family history research

An unusual ornament in a local pub!

June 2020 – The Skull (A Somewhat Bizarre Discovery)

A Suffragette from Blackburn, Lancashire. The article demonstrates the value of using newspaper archives for our research.

March 2020 – Louisa Entwistle, Suffragette

An article relevant to recent events such as Black Lives Matter and the toppling of the Edward Colston statue, the story of Bertie Entwistle of Antigua set in the context of his times

June 2020 – Slavery

Another gleaning from a newspaper article, demonstrating the value of the national and regional papers’ archives – especially if you like a good Regency Romance!

Harriet the Entwisle Duchess

Life for the navvy in 19th England, Michael Portillo and Bradshaw’s Railway Guide 1863 as a research tool!

Sough Tunnel to Entwistle

Index to “Twissle Times”

EFHA members are able to download any back issues they wish. However, if on looking through this index, you see an article of particular interest to you, please contact the editor to see whether it would be possible to provide it without being a member. Not all will be available because of copyright or for other legal reasons.


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