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These external links are not endorsed by the EFHA but have been recommended to us by people who have found them useful for researching their ancestors. When they were added to this page, each of the links was live and those that were broken were discarded. However, pages on the web appear and disappear so if you find any that don’t work as they should, please let the Webmaster know. The EFHA is not responsible for the content of any of the pages these links may take you.

Remember, it is good practice to keep your anti-virus software up-to-date before browsing the web!

We have organised the links into rough groupings to make your search a little easier. Some links may appear under more than one heading.

  • Background History – from the Domesday Book to workhouses and railways!
  • Libraries – libraries, museums and public archives which offer web access, usually freely but occasionally for a fee
  • Military – regimental collections as well as military associations and memorial sites
  • People – pages devoted to the lives of specific people who have left their mark
  • Societies – genealogy, local history and similar societies
  • Others – several small groupings:
    • Reference sites – from US English to the meaning of Latin words you may find in records
    • Subscription archives – such as Ancestry, Find-a-grave etc
    • Links sites – even more links but provided by other people
    • Free archives
    • Misc – miscellaneous!

Happy hunting!

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