About the EFHA

Entwisle Hall today
Entwisle Hall today

The EFHA promotes and encourages the study and research of family history, heraldry and local history and aims to help teach people more about the subject of genealogy, spreading as widely as possible the knowledge gained.

Who we are

The Entwistle Family History Association was set up in 1999 by a group of people who wanted to find out more about their family roots and to help others who wanted to do the same. In October 2021 the EFHA became a charity.

The First EFHA Charity Trustees

Chair: Andrew Entwistle email
Secretary: Eileen Cowen email
Treasurer: Brian Cowen email
Membership Secretary: Jean Machin email
Researcher: Maureen Fisher email
Webmaster: Tom Entwistle email
Doreen Sinfield
Tricia Entwistle

The EFHA Charity Constitution

When the EFHA decided to become a charity in 2019, a new constitution was needed so it adopted the template provided by the Charity Commission as being more modern and giving more protection to members. If you would like to see a copy, follow this link.

The benefits of being an EFHA member

As a member,

  • you will be able to get help from our expert Researcher,
  • you will have a copy of ‘Twissle Times’ magazine emailed to you each quarter,
  • you can meet like-minded people at our occasional outings in Lancashire and at our AGM,
  • follow us and pick up hints on Facebook –  EFHA Facebook and on Twitter – Ent family twitter
  • you can access specialist resources to help your research using the annual password to gain entry, such as:
    • the Twissle Times archive of stories about our ancestors as well as hints to help you with your personal research
    • a free download of Grimshaw’s history of the Entwistles, “The Entwistle Family”,
    • Excel files containing census records from 19th and 20th century south Lancashire. You can download these by area and search for your ancestors on your own computer,
    • Entwistle births, marriages and deaths. EFHA members have transcribed records relating to the UK Entwistle entries in the former General Register Office Index (St Catherine’s Index) of Births, Marriages and Deaths which is now held in the National Archives in Kew, London.
    • extracts from directories
  • all from as little as £7.50 per year!
  • You can join the EFHA using our international, secure on-line payment system. Just click on the EFHA Membership link.
Entwisle Hall in 1924