Enclosure of Edgworth Moor



Enclosure of Edgworth Moor 1795-7 by James J Francis – Turton Local History Society – Publication No 7

This 7th Publication by the Society is of interest to Entwistle researchers as it documents many Entwistles then living in Edgworth and adjoining Quarlton and Entwistle.

This publication is a 24 page pamphlet which gives an historical background to the enclosures and  the manor of Edgworth, an account of the strife between Edgworth & Entwistle over common land and how the Enclosures Acts were administered. Perhaps of most interest are the outline farmstead plans and occupiers, and the lists of enclosure awards and freeholders.

A brief extract:  Historic Background to Enclosures

“From the time of the Norman Conquest when Manors and Townships were formed, it was customary for land, usually the most unproductive or waste areas, to be set aside for general use by all residents of the Township. This allowed some form of subsistence, even to the very lowly. Rights on these Commons varied from area to area, generally allowing grazing of livestock and sometimes the right to dig peat, coal or stone.”